A company is just paper and principles without a spectrum of exceptional services to offer. True to this principle, our team of dedicated professionals provides clients with the following services.

VoIP Services

The world is growing smaller with globalization and people working together from remote locations. Even with the multitude of emails, apps and chat platforms real-time voice communication remains an integral part of successful business operations. VoIP is extremely important in reducing costs attached with such communication. The Alliedsol team comprises professionals who have worked on IP Telephony since VoIP was in early stages of development and have monitored every aspect of its growth. This know-how is paramount to the success of client projects with clarity and confidence.

WebRTC Custom Applications Development

WebRTC is a dynamic, free and open project that offers browsers and mobile applications Real-Time Communications (RTC) proficiencies through simple APIs. Due to multiple developers working on it regularly worldwide, WebRTC is a safe and non-vulnerable platform. We develop advanced WebRTC based apps for web and mobile. The apps are scalability compatible and flexible, enabling adaptation to your changing needs.

Remote Infrastructure Management

More and more companies of all sizes and industries rely upon Remote Infrastructure Management in the present day. This is due to the multilateral benefits that RIM offers to IT systems

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved service availability
  • Increased applicability

RIM encompasses

  • Remote monitoring
  • Network monitoring and management
  • Security services

We, at Alliedsol understand the expanse of RIM and its applicability. Our proficiency in managing daily IT activities such as server monitoring, workstations and network devices helps save you considerable costs in your business.

Mobile Apps Development

If mobile was the future of commerce, communication, and et all., then the future is here. And it is here to stay. Due to the worldwide transition from conventional channels of business interaction, new modules are developed every day. Keeping pace with these ever changing mobile modules and UIs is just as important as being able to adapt to these changes and coming up with new, unique solutions. We offer multidimensional mobile solutions to further your businesses without disrupting your economies while ensuring a rich experience for the end users.